mobilités internationales – Programme Al Idrissi

Projet Al-Idrissi 2013 :

Preparation and Characterization of Shape Controlled
mesoporous nanoparticles and their Application in
Electrocatalytic Processes

The work concerns the synthesis of mesoporous nanomaterials free from platinum which have intersting (electro)catalytic properties. We are looking for an excellent and motivated PhD student for a ten-months duration stay as doctoral trainee in theSAMCat group of IC2MP at the Université de Poitiers, where he will prepared various electrode materials containing a few noble noble meals amounts, as suggested by the European Union recommendation. The preliminary electrochemical
characterizations performed on these materials reveal that they are very active both for organics oxidation and the oxygen reduction reaction. Their physicochemical characterizations has to be achieved to determine their correlation « electrochemical efficiency/crystallographic structure ». We would like to provide to this PhD trainee the facilities of our laboratory for an excellent characterization of the prepared materials which are a great interest in energy conversion and storage.

Programme Al Idrissi 2013


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