Registration rules

Conditions for PhD registration

French students: must hold a MASTER’s research degree in the following science and engineering disciplines: Chemistry, Physics & Chemistry, Life sciences, Geological and earth sciences. Exemptions are possible for those holding a professional Master’s degree or a ‘diplôme d’ingénieur’ (French master’s degree in engineering) .

Foreign students: must have obtained their master’s degree in France or have been awarded an exemption (Master of Science Degree). Applications for an exemption (see documentation opposite: Word, pdf) must be submitted by the future Thesis Supervisor. It must include a covering letter, the recommendation of the Thesis Supervisor, the recommendation of the Head of the Research Unit, details of financing, etc.

Students from Europe or a country that is a signatory of the agreement on the European Higher Education Area: must supply a copy of all their university diplomas, a certified copy of the Master’s degree in addition to detailed contents of the Master’s course.

Students from other countries: must provide a certified copy of all their university diplomas in addition to details of the contents of all courses followed at University.


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