One of the conditions for registration for a Doctoral Thesis at the Gay Lussac Environmental Sciences graduate school is the submission of a 3-year finance plan.

Most financing is done on the basis of ‘contrats CDD’ (fixed term contracts) which provide entitlement to unemployment benefit at the end of the contract. The student has employee status, which reinforces his status within the research unit.

Personal financing is not allowed. However, registration applications with precarious funding (financial package of at least 600 €/month) may be considered in the special case of foreign students.

New texts relating to the doctoral contract

In order to encourager training in research and through research the creation of higher education graduates with a post-graduate qualification and to facilitate their career both in research activities and other areas such as economics, education and culture, the public establishments listed in article 2 of this decree may, by application of the provisions in article L. 412-2 of the Code de la recherche, enrol students with a view to the preparation of a doctorate under the terms of a contract known as a ‘contrat doctoral’ (doctoral contract). Enrolment and the execution of the duties of the ‘doctorant contractuel’ (contractual student) takes place under the conditions specified in this decree.

‘Doctorants contractuels’ (contractual students) are enrolled by public-funded establishments of a scientific, cultural and professional nature, public higher education institutions, les établissements public scientific and technological institutions and other public-funded establishments set up to provide higher education or research facilities.

The president or director of the establishment enrols the student under a three-year contract, on the recommendation of the director of the graduate school, after seeking the opinion of the thesis supervisor and the head of the research unit or team in question. The doctoral contract is a written document that specifies the date on which it comes into effect and which must take place no later than six months after the initial registration as a doctoral student, unless otherwise agreed by the scientific council of the employer establishment, the date on which it expires and the subject of the work entrusted to the contractual student. Where necessary, it specifies the nature of work other than research connected with the preparation of the doctorate that the student agrees to undertake. The list of such work may be amended each year by codicil. The contract may include a trial period lasting two months. During that time, the contract may be terminated by either party, without compensation or advance notice, by means of a registered letter with recorded delivery. If the doctoral registration is not renewed, the doctoral contract is ended without further formality at the end of the first or second year of the contract, under the terms and subject to the payments stipulated in sections XI and XII of the aforementioned decree of 17 January 1986.

The annual duration of the work performed by contractual students is fixed by the aforementioned decree of 25 August 2000.

In accordance with the stipulations of the doctoral contract specified in paragraph two of article 3, the president or director of the institution determines the service to be provided by the contractual student each year on the recommendation of the head of the graduate school, after consultation with the thesis supervisor and the head of the research unit or research team in question and after consultation with the contractual student. The service provided by the contractual student may be exclusively devoted to research activities connected with the preparation of the doctorate or may include, apart from the said research activities, an annual service equal to one sixth of the annual amount of work set by the aforementioned decree of 25 August 2000 and devoted to the following activities:

1 – teaching as a member of the teaching staff, providing a service that is equal to more than one third of the annual standard teaching service provided by research professors, as defined by article 7 of the aforementioned decree of 6 June 1984;

2 – dissemination of scientific and technical information;

3 – evaluation of the results of scientific and technical research;

4 – assessments performed within a company, a territorial collectivity, a corporation, a public institution, association or foundation.

The student may not be allocated any further working hours or additional services linked to any of the above activities. When contractual students provide a teaching service, they are under various obligations governing the said activity and in particular their teaching work is monitored and examined. The performance of the said tasks does not give rise to any additional payment or a reduction in the obligations established in this article. Activities other than those devoted to research work performed with a view to the preparation of the doctorate may take place in a different establishment to that which employs the contractual student. This arrangement is subject to the concluding of an agreement between the student and the two establishments in question. The said agreement shall define the activities entrusted to the contractual student, how they are to be performed and assessed, in addition to the payment made by the host establishme

The establishment that employs the student shall make sure that the contractual student receives the supervision and training needed to accomplish all of the tasks entrusted to him. The said training shall be part of the training plan in place in the establishment employing the student.

For more information, please see the decree and the order.


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